Unlocking AI's Potential in Traditional Corporate Cultures

Education, small wins, and specialisation - a blueprint for mitigating hurdles in AI adoption.

Unlocking AI's Potential in Traditional Corporate Cultures
Does AI get a Seat at the Corporate Boardroom?

In this FutureStream session with Muratcan Koylan from Jonas Software, we explored ways to integrate AI into marketing strategies and operations within traditionally resistant corporate environments.

As someone who also contributes to bridging the talent gap between Gen Z and AI companies with JeezAI, Muratcan brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the discussion.

If you’re looking to harness AI but are meeting cultural resistance, take note!

Is corporate culture ready for AI?

Here's the key takeaways:

  • Starting small with AI: Muratcan emphasised the importance of beginning AI integration with small, focused projects. This approach helps in demonstrating value and easing AI adoption in companies wary of change.
  • Custom GPT models for content creation: One standout project involved creating a custom GPT model to mimic a content writer's style during their maternity leave, showcasing AI's versatility in maintaining brand voice consistency.
  • Operational efficiency through automation: We discussed how AI, especially through custom GPTs and the RAG technique, can streamline marketing processes like case study production, thereby enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Navigating challenges: Transitioning to AI in a company with a traditional corporate culture presents challenges, from overcoming resistance to addressing privacy concerns. Muratcan's approach—education, showcasing small wins, and leveraging open-source models—provides a blueprint for mitigating these hurdles.

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-- Stuart

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