AI Teams: 7 Stages to Boosting Productivity and Profit

The Matrix has evolved. With the release of OpenAI's ChatGPT for Teams, we've updated the ChatGPT Maturity Matrix, a framework to help you implement AI at scale.

AI Teams: 7 Stages to Boosting Productivity and Profit
Use the Matrix for Increased Productivity and Profit

Hello, leaders and innovators.

At Future Co, we've distilled AI maturity into something you can almost touch and feel: the ChatGPT Maturity Matrix. More than just a framework, it's a practical guide designed to navigate your organisation through the complexities of AI, enhancing productivity and impacting your bottom line.

And it’s now enriched with ChatGPT for Teams, OpenAI’s latest release.

Read on to see why we think this is a game-changer.

The Matrix Evolved

Use the Matrix to chart your organisation’s course from "Experimental" to "Enterprise", building a roadmap and implementation plan based on the 7 levels. It's within this framework that ChatGPT for Teams emerges as a powerful option for businesses ready to harness AI's potential while maintaining control and security of proprietary data.

Let’s explore this product, and how you can benefit.

The Maturity Matrix Evolved - Now with ChatGPT for Teams

What is ChatGPT for Teams?

It’s a dedicated workspace for your team to access OpenAI's Generative AI tools, with admin controls, team management, and more stringent security measures.

What’s the impact? Improved team productivity and work quality. Generate better code, craft emails, analyse data, and anything else your team needs. At a price of USD $25/month per user, the plan includes:

  • Custom GPT creation.
  • Secure workspace, team collaboration and management
  • Access to advanced models

Read up on it at

Master Key to AI Success
The Keys to Business Automation and Optimisation

Custom GPTs - the Master Keys

In our eyes, the game changer is the ability to create and share private GPTs, custom versions of ChatGPT for specific use cases.

Think of them as master keys, crafted uniquely for your business. Just as a master key is designed to open multiple specific locks, Custom GPTs are tailored to unlock the vast potential within various aspects of your business operations, from automating customer service to sophisticated data analysis.

They are not off-the-shelf solutions but are cut and coded to solve problems with targeted efficiency and innovation.

To see examples, browse public GPTs here Reach out for guidance on how to enable these in your team.

The Privacy Gap

A notable concern is the lack of privacy-first tools. While ChatGPT for Teams won’t use your data to train it’s models, your team can still transmit private data. This gap poses a significant risk, as PII and sensitive data are the lifeblood of organisations, warranting more safeguards.

This challenge underscores the need for a paradigm shift in AI development. As leaders and innovators, it’s imperative to adopt practices and tools that are built with privacy at their core.

Book a time if you need advice on how to close that gap.

Put the Matrix to Work

Leadership doesn’t stop at understanding; it’s defined by execution. Download the Matrix, interact with it, and let it guide your decisions as you push into the AI frontier.

As you advance through the 7 steps to boost productivity and profit, GPT for Teams could be a pivotal next-step to help supercharge your team’s capabilities.

Here's to progress!
— Stuart

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