AI Blind Spot in 70% of Companies: Where's the Imperative?

Deloitte's report reveals a startling 70% of companies are yet to fully embrace AI. This article highlights the need for businesses to define their transformation timeline.

AI Blind Spot in 70% of Companies: Where's the Imperative?
Remove Blind Spots for Business Growth

Flashback to the early 2000's, the dawn of the smartphone era. Many established mobile phone companies, confident in their traditional models, underestimated the potential of smartphones. Companies like Nokia and BlackBerry, once industry giants, found themselves scrambling to catch up as Apple and Samsung redefined the market.

The lesson: Overlook emerging technology and you're in danger. It can rapidly transform industry leadership.

Define Your Timeframe

What's your timeline for embracing generative AI?

This isn't a hypothetical question, it's a strategic imperative. Deloitte's "State of Generative AI in the Enterprise" report reveals a massive blind spot: almost 70% of businesses are postponing AI adoption, underestimating its significance and pushing it into the future. This isn't just a missed opportunity but a significant risk in today's competitive landscape.

Now is the time to act, defining a transformational timeframe that positions your business at the forefront of efficiency and innovation.

Fixing the Blind Spot

The disconnect stems from a lack of understanding about AI's benefits and applicable use cases. AI isn’t a one-trick pony; it's a versatile tool that can revolutionise many aspects of business, from customer service automation to advanced data analysis and beyond.

Identifying and understanding these use cases within your specific industry is the first step towards harnessing AI's power.

Understand. Experiment. Implement.

Understanding what's possible is base camp. Leverage resources like Knkt's Scaling AI framework to guide your journey. It provides a structured approach to help move you forward as you integrate AI into your business processes.

Knkt's Framework: Move from Experimentation to Implementation

The Upside

For the forward-thinking 30% of companies expecting substantial AI-driven transformation within the next year, the future is bright. These trailblazers are setting a precedent, positioning them to reap significant rewards and lead the charge in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Embrace the opportunity to lead in your industry. Explore AI use cases, utilise implementation guides, and embark on the journey with confidence.

Book a consulting session if you need an experienced guiding hand.

Let's lead with curiosity and innovate with purpose!

-- Stuart

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