AI Leadership: Meet the Matrix

We're excited to introduce the ChatGPT Maturity Matrix, a pivotal resource for business leaders. This framework offers clarity on your organisation's current position in the AI journey, and serves as a guide to assess and integrate key steps into your broader business and AI strategy.

AI Leadership: Meet the Matrix
The AI Maturity Matrix

To help business leaders navigate the evolving AI landscape, we've created the ChatGPT Maturity Matrix. This practical tool is designed to clarify where your organisation currently stands in its AI journey and lead the discussion on "where to next?".

Use it to evaluate potential stepping stones and integrate them into your broader business strategy and ChatGPT journey.

AI Maturity Framework - ChatGPT Maturity Matrix
Knkt Digital's ChatGPT Maturity Matrix

As you know, we're creative technologists, so here's 5 ways to use the Matrix to your advantage:

  1. Conversation starter: Pin a copy on your office door with a red circle marking your current level.
  2. Team huddle: Use it in team meetings to spark discussions on AI progress and aspirations.
  3. Progress tracker: Regularly update your position on the Matrix to visualise your AI journey.
  4. Strategy sessions: Incorporate it into management meetings. Lead the discussion with your recommendations on AI adoption.
  5. Learning guide: Match training sessions to maturity levels, so your team's skills are aligned with your AI goals.

Download the Matrix PDF here.

If you have any questions or need assistance in using the Matrix effectively, get in touch. We're here to help you navigate and lead.